Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's all good

When I left Japan to come to the United States in 2001, I was a stressed out basket case. I have often wished I had done it differently, been calmer, been more of a rock for Bonnie. That is one thing I have been praying about this time and I think it's going better. Not perfect, but God has been so good to help me with this. I am so excited about going to Japan. I'm happy getting rid of all the stuff in the house and in a way, starting over again. I have a very positive attitude and that's all good. :)

The details

  • I am going to have a local realtor/property management company handle my condo. They can lease it or sell it. Since it's not in very good condition, they will lease it for a year and if we decide to stay in Japan longer, we will put it on the market. I feel good about this because I will have someplace to come back to if I need it, but if I decide to stay I won't have to get a different realtor to handle it. They handle several condos in my complex and the amount of rent they want to charge is more than I need to cover my mortgage and homeowners, which is good.
  • Packing. I have the world's most awesome friend come over every few days and help me power pack. Of course there is a never-ending procession of stuff, but it is getting cleared out slowly. The world's second most awesome friend comes every day and takes boxes to good will or the local e-bay reseller for me. Bonnie has been a trooper carrying trash to the dumpster. :)
  • Money. We have about $250 monthly and $1000 one time. That covers Bonnie's plane ticket, but not what I need to pay for babysitters for her. It could be easy to worry, but what can I do about it? God will provide one way or the other. It is nerve wracking to see HOW He will do it, though.
  • Keep praying for Bonnie. She is ambivilent and it is hard on her. She will be fine, of course, but she's moody and not sleeping or eating well.
  • Pray for the Crafts, Bonnie's adopted grandparents. This is so very hard on them. They lost a son about a year ago and now they are losing her. There is potential for a strained relationship without the Lord's intervention.
  • Pray for my stamina. I'm still driving 2 hours every day to work, doing all the cooking and cleaning, packing, washing clothes and dishes, etc. The house is slowly turning upside down and that can add stress as well. I am also teaching until June 8th and they aren't inclined to cut me any slack.
  • Pray for childcare for Bonnie in Japan. I've checked into some possibilities, but they aren't working out too well. God must have something in mind, though. :)

Thanks for reading and praying and helping.

Karyn and Bonnie